Golf League Software - 'Captain Privileges'

This topic will focus on the role of the captain in your golf league software.

Golf League Software Captain Privileges

A captain is a member who is granted privileges to allow him or her to enter and edit data as well as some additional administrator responsibilities in the team or flight to which he or she is assigned. The administrator can turn on Captain options and then appoint any member to the position of captain in the league. Captains must belong to the team or flight to which he/she is appointed.

In many situations it's beneficial to have someone who can check, edit and enter scores but does not have full administrative responsibilities:

  • Have all the scores for the week been entered for each flight or team?
  • Who takes care of problems with entered scores that need to be corrected?
  • Can the administrator address everything single-handedly?

Some leagues have many flights or teams and need to have someone interacting with the software to help with the administration. A golf league captain is a valuable resource for the administrator. Large golf leagues are almost impossible to manage without additional help. Golf leagues can range upward to 300 members or more. If the administrator wants to limit full golf league admin privileges, captains are a perfect choice.

The default privilege for a Captain gives the ability to monitor, enter and edit scores in the captains own flight or team. This is an important function that can be easily handled by a Captain. The decision to use captains will be influenced by the ability of admin's to handle everything and the decision to use administrators vs captains.

The scope of captain privileges in golf league management:

Standard Captain Privileges

  • Scope of responsibility, his/her own flight/team - standard
  • Can enter golf league scores/points - standard
  • Can edit golf league scores/points - standard
  • Can review entered data for accuracy - standard
  • Indicated as `Captain` on reports - standard

Optional Captain Privileges

  • Scope of responsibility, all flights or teams - optional
  • Can add golf league players to the team or flight - optional
  • Can remove golf league players from the team or flight - optional
  • Can send customized email messages - optional
Please Note:
  • Golf league administrators can also be listed as a captain in addition to having full administrative privileges. The administrator will always have full privileges, but reports will show both administrator and captain of one or more flights or teams, so players know who to contact.

Golf League Software - Member Types

The hierarchy of players in GolfLeague is:

  • Main Administrator - Only one main administrator per league. The main admin has full privileges including changing the league name and is the only player who can transfer main admin privileges to another player.
  • Admin Approved Players - An unlimited number of admin approved players are allowed. Admin approved have full admin privileges but cannot change the league name or remove the main administrator from the league.
  • Captains - unlimited number allowed, privileges are mainly limited to entering and editing data
  • Members - have access to the member web site: handicaps, schedules, reports etc

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