Golf League Software - 'Administrator Privileges'

This topic will focus the role of the administrator in your golf league software.

Golf League Software Administrator Privileges

All leagues need to have someone interacting with the software to enter data like; members, golf courses, scores, points and to print reports when needed. Of the three member types listed above we will discuss the role of the two administrator types: the main administrator and members who have been "Admin Approved".

The golf league main administrator:

The main administrator is usually the person who originally purchased the GolfLeague subscription. That person is granted all privileges. He or she can change literally anything in the program. The administrator can change the name of the league and decide who will be the main administrator going forward. this person can also elect to appoint other players to share administrator responsibility. These players are known as admin approved.

The golf league Admin Approved administrator:

A member who has been approved to be an administrator is called an "Admin Approved". This is because he or she has to be approved by another admin. The main admin is the first to appoint an admin approved member. After that, other members may be appointed by any admin approved.

An admin approved player has all administrator privileges with the exception of the two noted above, (the ability to change the league name and the ability to assign a new person as the main administrator).

Admin Approved players are important because if anything happened to the Main administrator, someone else would be available to carry on. Also, it's a big job running a Golf League and it's nice to have more than one person to work on it.

The scope of admin privileges in golf league management:

  • Can set the league configuration
  • Can determine the extent of member contribution
  • Can set schedules
  • Can assign players to teams and or flights
  • Can enter and edit any data ( i.e. players, scores, etc. )
  • Can add players, courses, etc.
  • Can send all email reports available
  • Can appoint or remove other administrators
Please Note:
  • Golf league administrators can also be listed as a captain in addition to having full administrative privileges (see "Captain" description).

Golf League Software - Member Types

The hierarchy of players in GolfLeague is:

  • Main Administrator - Only one main administrator per league. The main admin has full privileges including changing the league name and is the only player who can transfer main admin privileges to another player.
  • Admin Approved Players - An unlimited number of admin approved players are allowed. Admin approved have full admin privileges but cannot change the league name or remove the main administrator from the league.
  • Captains - unlimited number allowed, privileges are mainly limited to entering and editing data

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