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about the golf league software program

About the golf league software program:

In a few words, is an online golf league program that allows a league administrator to display handicaps, points, schedule matches, plan yearly golf league activities, communicate with members and generally make the tedious job of running a golf league easier. But it doesn't stop there; it also allows members to view this information and to communicate with other members. At any time a member can see handicap and point changes, find out how individual and team standings changed after the last round, see the past scores of opponents, check out the schedule and much, much more. This can be done anywhere the administrator or member has access to an on-line computer. If that seems pretty cool… it really is!

Since it's debut to the public in 2005, GolfLeague has become the software of choice of hundreds of leagues from coast-to-coast. A difficult task for any golf league software program is being robust enough to encompass any league type and no other golf software program does this as well as

Golf leagues who need simple basic functions, like a schedule and handicaps, to very complicated leagues requiring Teams, Flights, Captains, Tee Times, Score Cards and Substitute programs, will find that GolfLeague Software can handle it all.

about the owner

About the owners:

The Golf League web site and online golf league management system was originally conceived in late 2003.The owners and operators of the site are a father and son team who have combined a love for the game and web site management skills to create a program that is a unique, all encompassing tool for a golf league administrator.

The father of the team, Joe Thomas Sr., has been involved with golf league management since 1985 and is himself a single digit handicap golfer. At the time of this writing, he is managing two leagues himself on the program, which brings a good first-hand understanding of the problems and intricacies of running a golf league.

The younger member of the team, Joe Thomas Jr., has been in the web site design business for more than twenty years and has owned and operates a web hosting business. His understanding of web site management and computer skills gives the team the ability to create outstanding golf league website presentations.

about the golf league software technology

About the technology:

The GolfLeague web site is being developed using PHP programming on a MySQL Database with Javascript for ease of use. The system is backed up daily, fast and reliable. The calculations and presentations in the program are in real time which means changes are posted immediately. Handicaps, points, and standings are updated instantly when the data is entered. With this type of on-line technology you will never have to download anything to your computer. Your golf league will be accessible to you and your members from anywhere in the world at any time. New programs, new releases, security updates and all program related functions are all there, all the time; you never have to worry about it.

about the future of golf league software

About the future:

Since it’s conception, GolfLeague has been frequently updated with new features and will continue to change and adapt to the needs of its users. The goal of GolfLeague is continuous improvement. The ability to administer and use the complete program from anywhere in the world combined with the desire to create a user friendly web site that can easily be used by the average person is what sets this program apart from any other like it. Combine that with a thorough understanding of golf, the complexities of managing a league, and the technical skills to make this site a valuable asset for league management and we think GolfLeague will grow quickly.

about you and golf league

About you:

We want every user to be completely satisfied with our program. We will respond to your needs and requests to the best of our ability and endeavor to make this program the ultimate golf league management tool for you. To that end here's our offer:

100% Money Back Gaurentee

We totally and completely guarantee your purchase.

Our unconditional 30-day no-questions-asked
100% money-back guarantee
makes your purchase absolutely RISK FREE.

We need league administrators who will share their comments, ideas and suggestions with us so that we can design and build the best golf league site possible. With that in mind, we have a contact link easily accessible to every page so that you can communicate with us at any time.

If you need help or information on how to start a golf league, please click this link. Starting up a golf league can be difficult if you don’t know where to begin, but we’ll help you every step of the way. With our golf league experience, we can suggest what type of league would be best for you and how to run it from week-to-week. The very first email you receive after purchasing the program will include a phone number where you can talk with a golf league professional who will guide and help you get set up and running.

Throughout this section we have tried to explain what GolfLeague is all about and if you have come to think that it’s really about YOU, then we have conveyed the message we want to express. GolfLeague is about you and it’s about giving you the tools to create and operate a golf league that all your members can enjoy without having to make it your life’s work. We know you enjoy golf and if the GolfLeague program doesn't make you enjoy running the league, we know it will make it easier to administer and more enjoyable for your members. If you haven’t already, create a member area for your league today. You'll be glad you did.

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Your GolfLeague Staff

Online Golf League Software

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The golf league program has great features: a communication console where all members can be emailed with a touch of a button, a password protected member area for league players, handicaps for all members, team leagues, flight leagues, individual play leagues, photo gallery automatic scheduling and reports. In less than 10 minutes, you can be looking around in your new league member area. So start your golf league software web site now and let the GolfLeague software help you set up and run a great golf league.
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