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How to start a golf league with software:

The ability to start a golf league can be difficult if you don't know where to begin. This tutorial will hopefully give you the information you need to start your own golf league using Online Golf League Software provided by is a premier supplier of online golf league software and our programs have been designed to be flexible and user-friendly. In addition, we will help you every step of the way as you start up your golf league with our software. You can communicate with us as often as necessary through e-mail and we'll respond usually within hours (if not minutes), of a request.

We will also give you a telephone number when you start, so you can pick up the phone and give us a call any time you need help with any golf league issue. We want you to succeed as you start up; it is our mission. If you succeed, then we succeed, that just makes sense!

So here is a summary of how to get a good start:

  1. Decide what type of league you would like to start up?

    The league types currently offered by are:

    • Teams and Flights
      In this set up you can begin a golf league where the entire golf league is assigned to teams. The teams play head-to-head matches with other teams matched against the same flight player within each team. Points will be awarded and tracked for each team and for each flight.

      You will be able to see team results on the team leader board and, you can run reports for the division leader board as well. You will be able to see which teams lead on the points leader board. In addition, for each flight, you will have a flight leader board showing leaders within each flight.

      Here’s an example:

      A three man team would have a "A", "B" and "C" flight. The flights can be arranged in any order, but usually are arranged by handicap so that flights within each team will be matched with golfers of similar handicaps and abilities in other teams.

      Matches are automatically set up by GolfLeague so that "A" vs "A", "B" vs "B" and "C" vs "C" golfers. Each team plays a different team each week until all teams have played all other teams.

      Points will be awarded and the results of all matches are credited to the teams and the individual players. You can run the team leader board report (shows which teams lead), or the flight leader board report (Shows which players lead in the "A", "B" or "C" flight as in our example).

    • Teams Only
      In this scenario, head-to-head matches are set up the same way teams and flights are set up but reports would only show team results.


      Even though flights would not be tracked in this particular start up, a three man team would still have an A, B and C flight. Matches would be A vs A, B vs B and C vs C. The results of these matches would credit points to the team and to the individual player.
    Flights Only:
    • Flights Only
      You can create a league with an unlimited number of flights where there are no head-to-head matches. When you start up a league with this configuration, you can set up an unlimited number of flights, each containing any number of players. The flights could be any division; sort flights by handicap, men, women, adults, juniors or seniors. Players in each flight can compete against other golfers in their own flight. You can set up to award low net score each week, low gross score or award points for hole-by-hole gross or net scores as in a Stableford or Modified Stableford system.
      This golf league type will support any number of golfers in any flight. This arrangement will work for small golf leagues or very large golf leagues.


      Flights can print reports and reward players for low net in each flight or you can award points based on the players score as in the case of a Stableford scoring system.
    Individual Play:
    • Head-to-Head Matches
      In this league type start up, players are matched in head-to-head competition with other players in the league. Since this is an individual play format, there are no teams or flights. Players points earned are tracked for each schedule period. You can set up your league schedule in: quarters, half’s or for the full year. GolfLeague will track points in each of these periods.


      GolfLeague will set up a schedule of matches using the round robin scheduling algorithm, which will match every player against another player each week without repeating a player until all players have been played. Points will be calculated according to your settings for each match, and those points will be credited to that player.

      You can print the points leaderboard each week. Handicaps will be calculated automatically, adjustments to scores can be made automatically and handicap reports will be available for all players.
  2. Purchase the online golf league software program.

    Purchase Software:
    • Go to Golf League Software - Select a Software Package
      This link takes you to the purchase page on where you will see the league types described above.

      There are four different league packages available for your start up:
      1. GLSubscription Basic - This is a basic league which does not have teams. If your league type is individual play, this is the selection you will want. Simply select the number of players you will have in your league and click the "Select & Review" button.
      2. GLSubscription Custom - This package includes the basic league above with an added feature which allows you to set custom handicap calculations. You will see detailed information about custom handicaps on the purchase page. Simply select the number of players you will have in your league and click the "Select & Review" button.
      3. GLSubscription Team - This is the team package. It will allow you to create any of the team league types. It includes all basic features; so you could create teams or individual play leagues with this package. It does not include custom handicaps.
      4. GLSubscription Complete - This is the recommended package which includes all options above.

      After clicking the "Select & Review" button, follow the links you will find there which will take you to PayPal where you can securely purchase your GolfLeague website.

Get going right away.

After purchasing your software, you will receive detailed instructions on how to start and set up your golf league through an e-mail which will include a software help-desk telephone number. GolfLeague will be there to help every step of the way. If there is anything you don't understand or that is confusing, simply e-mail us or pick up the phone and give us a call. Purchase now and your subscription will be 100% Guarenteed.

Want to try out the software before purchasing?

There are two ways to start a 30 day free trial:
  1. If you need assistance getting started...
    Just send me a detailed description of how your league operates. I will pick the right league format for you and send information on how to get started.

    Information examples:
    • Do you have an individual play league? If so, how many players and how do you compete?
    • Do you have teams or flights? If so, how many teams and/or flights?
    • Do you play matches?
    • Do you track points?
    • Do you play a stableford format?
    Send the information to:
  1. If you know what you need and want to get started now:
    • Start a 30 day trial.
    • You can even have additional time if needed.
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A 30 day free golf league software trial will get you started with your own full featured golf league website. You can set up your entire golf league website and try it out. Once established, if you like it and want to keep it, you can go ahead and activate your subscription right from your golf league website. Send the information using the contact link on and I will get you set up so you can begin right away.
I sincerely hope this short tutorial on how to start a Golf League has been helpful. Click here to read more about our golf league program types. If you would like to speak to me personally before you start or purchase, click the contact link on and I will send you a reply with a phone number where you can give me a call.

Thanks for considering!

Get the ball rolling now, your job as an administrator will be made easier by an excellent golf league software program!

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