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The "Basic"

Golf League Program


The "Basic" Golf League Program combines several main-stay administrative tools to give the admin solid communications with members in addition to providing handicaps, scheduling and reports. The basic program includes:

  • A private password protected "

    Member Area

  • Standard handicaps calculated for all players
  • Built in email program - simultaneously email all members at the touch of a button
  • Member communication board
  • Member Reports
  • Complete score history for each member
  • A fully

    customizable schedule

    for individual match play
  • Event scheduler
  • League Photo Gallery

In addition to the "Basic" program, GolfLeague offers two add-on modules:

The "


" Module:

The "Team" module is an add on to "Basic". It includes all the features of the basic program and adds the ability to create Teams, Flights and Divisions.

The "Administrator Control Panel" guides the Admin through a team set-up that groups the league into teams, flights or divisions based on the Admin input of how the league is organized. New data entry programs are then created that allow the admin to enter and track scores and points by individual, team and flight/division. The "Team" module includes:

  • Unlimited Teams
  • Create teams with 2, 3, 4 or more players per team
  • Create Divisions/Flights where players play only within their own
  • Unlimited number of


    or Divisions
  • Select any one of three systems to handle "absent" players
  • Allow Substitute Player
  • Automatic


    Schedule Creation
  • Automatic


    Schedule Creation
  • Schedule is fully customizable
  • Team/Flight/Division Leader Boards
  • Team Data Entry forms

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The "Custom" Module:

Like teams, the "Custom Module" is an add on to "Basic". It includes all the features of the basic program and adds the ability to create a unique custom handicap for the league. Since many leagues are comprised of players who are not interested in conforming to strict conventional rules, the ability to create your own custom handicapping system makes sense. The "Administrator Control Panel" will guide you through an easy set-up process that will create a handicap system that is customized for your league.

The "Custom" module includes the ability to:

  • Switch to a customizable handicap system
  • Set the number of scores needed to create a handicap
  • Drop any number of low scores
  • Drop any number of high scores
  • Select any number of most recent scores to use
  • Average any number of scores selected
  • Set default handicaps
  • Show trending handicap data

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