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GolfLeague offers the best golf league software programs available: phone app, schedules, handicaps, score cards, tee times, league emailing, teams and reports all at a price your league can afford. It's the absolute best golf league program available for golf leagues today.

A good golf league website will have handicaps automatically calculated, a golf league schedule created for weekly golf matches and all the basic golf league tools and strategies needed to run a golf league. It must also present an agenda for success; GolfLeague is a comprehensive all-in-one program that offers user-friendly interfaces, fast loading forms for data entry and has fantastic communication tools to keep your league members informed of a golf league tournament, golf outings and other golf group activities. Your entire golf league will be able to login to a password protected website programmed to check schedules, timetables, league matches and run reports like: skins, net skins, low net scores and many others which makes GolfLeague a unique experience for any skill level, and every league.

If you run a golf league (whether nine holes or eighteen holes), it can be difficult and time consuming. If you have a match play or medal play league, a team league or flights only, a head-to-head competitive league or just a friendly group of golfers playing golf games, GolfLeague’s golf game software is designed to reduce time and increase the quality of your golf league management experience. Golf organization programs have been our commitment since 2005.
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Golf League Management

If you are a golf league manager, GolfLeague will provide a guide and strategy to make running your league easier. Team schedules or individual head-to-head play schedules can all be done automatically. User friendly software programs allow you to load scores as fast as you can enter them. Once golf scores have been entered, you can check entries against the player lineup and golf handicaps are calculated using gross or adjusted scores automatically. If your league plays for points or uses a Stableford scoring system, points are calculated automatically and you can set up to use net scores with handicap to calculate a Modified Stableford. A player leader board report is a presentation that can be printed immediately after entering scores so you can see the performance results of weekly matches or tournaments.


Communicating with members is easy with our communication programs. You can e-mail league members in groups or all at once right from the website. E-mailing is tracked and you receive feedback if the member’s golf league e-mail could not be delivered. You can mail tee times or tee sheets in a separate mailing so that league members will know what time to tee off. Events can be scheduled and members are allowed to view the event sheets on the member website. There is no other golf operating system or golf application like
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This is the best golf league tracker tool you will ever have.

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How do I start a golf league?

Starting a golf league program is easy, you’ll get help every step of the way. You will have create your own unique golf league website of which you will be the administrator. You will be given exclusive editing privileges and will be given a members only area for your league. Since the member only area is password protected, your information and golfer information will not be accessible by anyone other than your members. You have two choices:

  1. Purchase your league software now! Click here: "Create My Golf League Website".
    You will find our latest price list where you can select the package that most suits your needs. We completely guarantee every software purchase. Our unconditional 30-day no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee makes your purchase absolutely RISK FREE. After purchasing a package and entering your information, which is kept completely private (see our "Privacy Policy").

  2. Create a 30 day free trial! Click here: "Create A Free 30 Day Trial Now". You will sign up and create the full "GLComplete" golf league package. This program has all functions and will create any type of golf league available at After setting up and trying out your league, you can purchase a package that supports your league.

As administrator, you will be in complete control. You can keep admin privileges exclusively to yourself or assign editing privileges to other players and let them help with data entry. All of this is done without having to download anything or having to update to new versions. We take care of data storage, system backups and security updates. You don’t even have to be at your own computer. Your league is always accessible; all you need is Internet access and your login information. Read more about how to start a golf league.

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