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Golf League Software - Schedule Of Matches

The golf league schedule software on makes complicated scheduling easy:

The Schedule Wizard

The schedule wizard looks at the league configuration and automatically schedules every player vs. every other player without repeating a match until all players have played everyone or until play dates have been exhausted.

It will schedule team vs team in the same manner never repeating matches until all teams have played every other team at least once. Players in each team will be matched vs the counter-part in each team match (i.e. Flight1 vs Flight1, Flight2 vs Flight2, etc.).

In the case of divisions or flights where matches are played only within the flight or division, the wizard will schedule each flight individually so that players will have schedules in each flight. There is no limit to the number of flights so you could have for example: a Senior Flight, a Men's Division, a Ladies Division and a Junior Flight and each division would have it's own schedule.

Schedules are created automatically for various types of league configurations:
  • Individual Play Leagues - player vs player
  • Team Leagues - team vs team
  • Flight or Division Leagues - player vs player within flights

Manual Scheduling

Automatic scheduling is complimented by a manual scheduler that allows the administrator to insert manual schedules during the year. This can used to schedule playoffs, special events etc.
Our golf league schedule has been designed to be flexible and easy to create and modify. Learn more about the schedule and the scheduling calendar Here.