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The importance of planning and setting timelines for golf league matches and events cannot be overstated. The schedule wizard is a tool that will automatically schedule, plan and organize
team or individual matches
for any time period. You can schedule the entire year or

create a schedule

for a single event.

golf league schedule software

will create a summary schedule and has a detail schedule maker that will display the player line up and matches. You can edit the calendar to include explanatory notes or additional event information.

The Summary Schedule


summary schedule

allows you to plan and see the entire years schedule at a glance. It is available to all the members and can be easily printed.
The example below is a

team schedule

. You can find which team your team plays by looking across the grid and finding the team number under the date of the scheduled match. Notes can be placed at the bottom of the schedule to highlight special events.

The Schedule Calendar

When the schedule wizard works its planning magic, it simultaneously creates the

schedule calendar

which sets the itinerary and lists all the matches for the entire year. The schedule calendar is also available to all members on the

golf league website

The sample below shows

scheduled matches

which are calendarized on dates highlighted in yellow. When clicking on the golf league schedule date, the calendar will open up the schedule detail which lists the matches by player name.

The Schedule Detail

After clicking on the calendar schedule date, the

detail schedule

will open showing matches: player versus player. The player handicaps are also displayed so that the golf league player knows how many strokes to give or get during the match.
The detailed matches can also be easily printed by any league member and can easily be posted at the golf course.

As you can see, GolfLeague's scheduling software, is a great program. It is integrated with other league programs to automate, arrange and create timetables for many tasks involved with running a golf league.


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