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Things you should know about entering data:

  • Entering scores data into the software

    is probably the most important and the most time consuming part of your job as administrator. Your golf league software attempts to catch the most common mistakes and lets you make corrections quickly. GolfLeague also has the fastest data entry programs in the business
  • One of the steps in your league configuration is selecting how to enter scores. You can choose to

    enter only a score and adjusted score

    each play day or you can

    enter hole-by-hole scores

    for each player.

    A help file is located on the top navigation bar under the "Enter" button. You will also find detailed instructions on how to select the method and set up scores in the scores section of the "Control Panel" located on your left navigation bar under "League Controls".
  • To enter scores & points you must have first created a golf course. If you have not done so, click the "Enter & Add Data" button on your left side navigation bar and add a golf course, then come back here.
  • Let's look briefly at the three data numbers you will enter after each round:
  • Your golf league software adapts

    to different league types. If you enter hole by hole scores and want the golf league software to adjust strokes and automatically calculate points, it will do that. The program will give data entry programs that are fast and easy for the administrator to use. has state-of-the-art data entry programs.
    If your league wants to just enter a score for each player, that's okay too! Your golf league software will allow you to just enter a score and points ( if your league tracks points ).
  • Versatility and ease of use

    are a mainstay of the GolfLeague program. Data entry programs are designed to accept golf league hole-by-hole scores nearly as fast as you can enter them. All score adjustments, points calculation from matches and handicaps are completed instantaneously as you enter the scores from each match.
  • Your

    Golf League Management Software

    is only as good as the data it receives, that's why we have built in many background checks to ensure the data coming in meets the correct specifications. But, if in spite of our best efforts inaccurate data gets in, it can be easily corrected from the edit area of the left side navigation bar. Members will usually let you know quickly when something is wrong and if you enter the rounds asap, it gives members time to review the data.
As always, if you have any problems at all, please email the staff. We will reply within 24 hours or less. golf league smile

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