Standard or Custom Handicap Calculations

Every golf league software package utilizes the standard handicap calculation

The "Standard Handicap Module"

The standard GolfLeague handicap calculation has the ability to set a maximum limit and to use a default handicap for players who do not yet have a handicap. The standard calculation uses the low 10 scores of the last 20 scores entered to calculate the player handicap.

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The most recent 20 scores are displayed in the standard calculation. Scores used in the player handicap calculation are marked with a green check mark so players can easily see which scores the program is using. The GolfLeague standard handicap is comparable to the leading handicap calculation.


The "Custom Handicap Module"

The "Custom Handicap Module" will let you create your own unique handicap calculation!

GolfLeague recommends the standard handicap. Handicaps are complicated and in a game of golf, the handicap is what makes it fair and competitive for all players. So it is our opinion, that leagues should stay with the standard handicap calculation that has proven over time it's fairness.

However, having said that we do not recommend the custom handicap, many leagues have developed systems over the years which work well for their particular circumstance. For this reason we offer a custom handicap module which will allow the admin to create several variations to the standard handicap calculation.

In the Custom Module, handicaps can be created using a variety of calculations. You can drop high and low scores, set the number of scores to be used, average scores and more.

The sample report below is a Custom handicap that is displayed in a 9 hole format. This sample calculation uses the last 10 recorded scores but drops the lowest and highest score of the last 10 (the dropped scores are indicated with a red "x"). The low 1/2 of the remaining scores (marked with a check-mark for easy identification) are then used in the handicap calculation.

Custom Handicap Drop Scores