Customized Golf League Scorecard Software

All software packages include golf league scorecards.

Customize the "Scorecard" for your league using our Golf League Scorecard Software

Instantly create and print a league scorecard for matches, teetimes, flights, teams or any one golfer.

The scorecards are printable in PDF or HTML formats.

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You can print all golf league scorcards or just pull up and print one match. Score cards are available for all members so the league admin can delegate making the scorecards to any league player.

You can set up the a scorecard with a points row and/or an average score row. You can also customize the nomenclature of the average score to read "Score To Beat", this is good information for players who may need to "Play the card".

Matches where strokes are given will automatically be marked on the correct handicapped holes and on the correct tee box. Lets say two players play from different tee boxes with different handicaps: the software automatically gives strokes using the tee box handicaps of the player receiving strokes.

Strokes are indicated on each hole with the number of strokes given. The total strokes is also highlighted in the score column. You will be impressed with the ease of use with our golf league scorecard software.