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Golf League Software - Schedule Summary


schedule summary

is a quick look at the entire schedule. It does not contain names of player opponents but instead assigns a number to each player in individual leagues or teams in team leagues. The design of this document is to allow members to quickly see who they play next and who they play in the future. This is a perfect document to print and post in the clubhouse.
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Once the

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summary schedule has been published, the

summary schedule

can be found on the top navigation bar of all member types. To find who you play on a specific date, simply find your name or team name and follow your row across to the desired date. The number on that date corresponds with the number of the team or player that you are scheduled to play.
The summary can only be viewed by the admin until it is published.
Please read the instructions for "Edit Schedule" for publish instructions.
In addition to the summary schedule, the scheduling software also creates a full detailed schedule that can be viewed and printed on the schedule calendar.
The calendar is also accessed by all members on the top navigation bar. As with the summary schedule, the detailed schedule cannot be seen on the calendar until the detail schedule is published by the administrator.

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