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Golf League Software - How to Load Past Score History:
The following is a copy of instructions found in the administrator interface of the

golf league software website.

If you have an

existing golf league

, you may have questions about how to add existing scores so that your league members will have the correct handicap as you

start up a new golf league

Entering existing scores is fast and very easy with GolfLeague.us "state-of-the-art" data entry programs. You will find the tool described below to be perfect for loading existing scores.
GolfLeague.us is committed to giving its users the very best

software programs

designed to make running a Golf League easier and providing fantastic data entry programs is just a part of the GolfLeague.us experience. No other

golf league software program

offers so much for so little.
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Golf League Software - "How to Load Past Score History"

If you enter past scores, your players will have an accurate Handicap.

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