Instructions for entering an adjusted score in your golf league software:

Score adjustment in your GolfLeague software

is determined by your league rules and whether or not you enter hole by hole. GolfLeague gives you

three software options

for automatically adjusting scores ( see Adjusting Scores in your Control Panel under League Configuration ).

Handicaps are calculated using the adjusted score

, not the gross score. The adjusted score takes out unusually high scores on a hole so the handicap will reflect the potential scoring ability of a player. With this in mind, it is very important to

adjust scores correctly


If you enter scores hole by hole

and have selected automatic score adjustments in your league setup, then you don't have to worry about how to adjust scores. But if you are entering only a score and adjusted score, then you might want to make sure that your adjusting scores correctly.

When entering only a gross score and adjusted score

, you simply fill in the adjusted score for the player in the "Adj." field when entering the scores.
Note: The adjusted score is a required field but you do not have to fill it. If left blank, the program will automatically enter the gross score into this field.
If you do not know how to adjust scores, we recommend the standard adjustment method. You can see this method by opening "Handicaps" and then "Adjustments" on your left navigation bar.

If you have elected to enter hole-by-hole scores

, GolfLeague can adjust scores for you. You can change to hole-by-hole scoring in the "Control Panel" under "League Configuration"