Understanding The Golf League Software Email Communication Center: The following is a copy of the actual instructions found in the golf league software on how to use the GolfLeague.us communication center. Instructions similar to this are found throughout the golf league program software. We try to locate help files throughout the software so that when a question arises the user can easily find help.

This is the first of two pages on the "Com Center". The communication center is where the golf league administrator can send e-mails to different groups within the Golf League.

This page explains the top section of the communication center and is intended to help the GolfLeague administrator understand the functions of this vital GolfLeague software tool.

The top section of the communication center supplies lists of all golf league players arranging them in groups of players with and without e-mails. So this is the place where the golf league administrator can get feedback on who does and does not have e-mails which is critical to effective communication. The administrator can also e-mail selected players individually from the top portion of the COM center.

GolfLeague.US is committed to giving its users the very best programs designed to make running a Golf League easier and providing great e-mail software is just a part of the GolfLeague.us experience. No other golf league software program offers so much for so little.
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Check Out The Top Of Golf League Communication Console!

Golf League Software Communication Center

Sending messages is one of the most important features of GolfLeague and it's one of the easiest things you will do with your golf league software.

One of the main goals of an admin is to get email addresses of everyone in the league and have them check emails frequently. Members without an e-mail address are always a problem when it comes to communicating. You will have to get information to them differently which almost always means extra work for the administrator.

Lets go over the design and features of the new golf league "Com Center" program starting first with the top of the Com Center Console:

The Top Section of the Communication Console:     Emailing Selected Players:

All league members are listed here where you can email select individuals:

  • The first group shows members with email addresses, including substitutes.

    • You can e-mail individual members in this section:
    • Click on the envelope icon of a member: your own e-mail program will open up so that you can e-mail this one individual.
    • Click on one of the checkboxes of an individual and a separate section will open up allowing you to put in a subject and a message. You can continue checking as many players as you like, when you click the e-mail message button all checked members will receive your message.
  • The second group contains the members without email addresses.

    • This section is informational and shows the players who do not have e-mail addresses. Work to get these players moved into the section with e-mails.
  • The third group contains non-playing members.

    • This last group are members listed as non-playing members. These players are most often administrators who would be entering scores, sending messages, updating statuses and/or events, etcetera. You can send messages to these members by clicking on the mail envelope.

The Middle Section Of The Console:     Special Tools and Message Info:

  • Need to add email addresses?

    • Find the "Change Member Information Here" button golf league here
    • Clicking on this yellow box will take you to the golf league edit area of the software where you can easily change or add emails or other member information.
  • Need to remind players of login info?

    • "Click Here To Email Login Info To All Members" golf league software
    • One click on this Yellow symbol will allow you to instantly email all league members reminding them of their login info.
    • You will also receive the same reminder so you'll know what the members have received. This is especially good at the beginning of each new year when players may have forgotten their login info.
Note: In all cases where golf league members list more than one email address, the member will receive messages sent to all listed email addresses.

Next, the bottom section:     “Current Messages and Sending to Groups”

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