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Golf League Program Information

You have Four Program Options.


The "Basic" program encompasses all features except "Teams" and "Custom Handicap" calculations. It is sufficient for most leagues that do not have teams or flights and want a good handicap calculation.

Custom Handicap

This program includes all the Basic Package Features Plus the ability to create a Custom Handicap for the league.
Here's a summary of what this program can do:
  • Can set a maximum number of scores needed before a handicap is calculated
  • Can set a maximum allowed handicap for any player
  • Allows you to create Your Own Custom League Handicap Calculation


The Team Module is an add-on to the Basic Package and includes all the Basic Features but adds the ability to create and manage teams and divisions. This package does not include the "Custom Handicap" features.
Here's a summary of what the "Team" program can do:
  • Provides for an unlimited number of Teams
  • Provides for an unlimited number of Flights or Divisions
  • Includes a substitute player program
  • Includes reports for:
    • Team leader board
    • Division leader board
    • Net score leaders


This includes all packages above and encompasses everything GolfLeague™ offers. It is our best value as well.

Check this out!

If you think you may have purchased the wrong program for your needs, you can easily upgrade...

   Here's How:

  • Click "League Controls" on the left nav bar
  • Click "Subscriptions"

Now simply select the program you want to upgrade to and then the follow instructions.

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