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Golf League Software Navigation Bars

How are the software navigation bars set up in the league web site?

You have two navigation bars.

The Top Bar

The top bar is designed to give quick access to frequently used programs and to display "Help" files.
As an admin, you will have an extra link on the "Log Out" Tab which allows you to log in as a member. Since the regular member has different interface, you can use this link to log in as a member where you can see what your members will see.

The Side Navigation Bar

The side nav bar is designed to open categories of similar programs. The side bar contains almost all the programs in GolfLeague™ arranged in categories. To access any category, you simply click the category to open and/or close it and then select a program.

Check out golf league nav bars!

The golf league software navigation bars are in continuous flux. We are continually adding more functions and help files to them.

GolfLeague™, as always, welcomes your input. We are always looking for ideas and suggestions from our subscribers and include a link on every page in the golf league software footer inside your web site for this purpose.
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