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The Golf League Software Communication Center

Sending messages is one of the most important features of GolfLeague and it's one of the easiest things you will do with your golf league software.

Lets go over the design and features of the golf league "Com Center" program:

At The Top Of Golf League Communication Console

Golf league members who list more than one email address will receive messages from this console to all listed email addresses.

Next, the gray box titled “Current Message”

The Blue Box titled “Member Message Area”

This is where all the work gets done…

“Additional Info ”

Read this Part Carefully:

Finally, so that we don’t end up with a huge back-log of messages, you are allowed to post only one message at a time on the member communication board. If you need to add additional information to a message, simply add to your current message (which is already displayed in the text box), reset the expiration date and re-send the message. The new message will overwrite the first with your added information.

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